Cue Longoni Black Fox 2

*Quality billiard cue in hornbeam
The classic Black Fox revisited. A deep black skin on a solid hornbeam body. High playbility in technical disciplines.
Enriched with silver nickel and ery strong bakelite F24 ring. Classic wood lacquered handgrip.
*Cue tip: Da Vinci
*Ferrule: JBR
*Wooden joint
*Adaptable screw-weight
*Suitable for cadre/libre, 3-cushions and bumper pool
*Standard delivered with shaft of 11 mm (weight 470 till 500 g)
*Standard delivered with shaft of 12 mm (weight 510 till 530g)
*Options for shaft: 10,5/11/11,5 and 12 mm 

€ 194,50

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