Frédéric Caudron: A-Flexx Shafts

Improve the accuracy of your game with our unique a-flexx shafts. When hitting a ball a regular wooden shaft moves slightly, adjusting the course of the ball. Fitted with a carbon filling, this shaft is less flexible than its regular maple wood brother. Reducing the flexibility of the shaft minimizes the influence of the shaft on the track of the ball.


- 69/11,5 and 71/12 available

- Standard delivered with a Caudron Soft Tip

- Carbonfilling in Maple Wood


1 Dot most flexible shaft

2 Dots Medium Flexible Shaft

3 Dots Most stiff Shaft


Can't choose? Test your personal favourite at Fleuren Biljart in Bergharen or at Carom-billiardproducts in Nijmegen.

€ 134,94

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