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Super Aramith 5-Ball


The NEW BILLIARDS game 5-ball

It is a new billiards game and was presented at the end of June 2014 at Nieuwegein, Netherlands on the annual Simonis National final. The new game is developed by the KNBB in cooperation with Saluc . It is a game where everything is in. Tension, fun and precision!

5-ball is a combination of darts, Carom and pool. It is played on the pool table with 5 balls. One player plays with the white ball and the other with the yellow ball. You score points by making caroms. Agreed in advance with how many points there is started, for example. 51 or 101.

When points are scored, you start counting down, but you have to end exactly at 0 ! You can easily track the points via the scoreboard of the billiards table.


Read more about the playing rules


More info on: www.5-ball.nl


*Professional 5-Ball set

*Heavy-Duty Solid Core Design

*Super Aramith phenolic resin

*Ultimate in precision balance

*Optimal rebound effect

*Exceptional longevity

*Burn Spot resistant

*Lengthens cloth life

*Diameter: 61,5 mm


The Super Aramith Pro-Cup set is made from advanced phenolic resin, with a centre of gravity that guarantees a perfectly true and accurate roll. Their elasticity is specially calibrated by Aramith for optimal rebound, enabling complete control over every shot. 



Aramith balls are a money saving investment; they have an extra hard transparent smooth surface that minimizes burn spots and table wear, dramatically lengthening your cloth life!


€ 139,95

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