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Super Aramith Tournament + Blue Ball

*Tournament approved 4-ball set

*Heavy-Duty Solid Core Design

*Super Aramith phenolic resin

*Ultimate in precision balance

*Optimal rebound effect

*Exceptional longevity

*Burn Spot resistant

*Lengthens cloth life

*Diameter: 61,5mm




The Super Aramith Tournament set is made from advanced phenolic resin, with a centre of gravity that guarantees a perfectly true and accurate roll. Their elasticity is specially calibrated by Aramith for optimal rebound, enabling complete control over every shot.


Aramith balls are a money saving investment; they have an extra hard transparent smooth surface that minimizes burn spots and table wear, dramatically lengthening your cloth life!

This 4ball set includes 1 each of the following balls: white; red; yellow; and blue.




Cue ball: white


- Yellow/red: 1 point

- Yellow/blue: 2 points

- Red/blue: 5 points

- Yellow/red/blue: 20 points


To play: 100 points


! Blue ball is no cue ball!


€ 109,95

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